Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oak Creek Woman Tries Tracking Thief with Iphone
by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- MILWAUKEE -- On Friday, an Oak Creek woman watching CBS 58's Ten at Ten made special note of Shari Dunn's report on how to track down your lost or stolen smartphone or iPad. Little did Patricia Fredericks know, the very next day what she learned would be put to the test.
On Saturday, she was in Downtown Milwaukee near the Delta Center using her iPad when a stranger approached her. "A man came by and immediately snatched my purse and iPad out of my hand. I immediately started screaming for help and chasing after him," says Fredericks.
Unfortunately, the thief got away. Fredericks recalled the "Find My Phone" technology she saw on CBS 58 the day before.
The software locates your device and shows you a map of its location. Fredericks' husband gave it a shot using his iPhone.
"Remarkable, absolutely remarkable. He was immediately on it. I was amazed. We could tell there was a getaway car."
They reported the robbery to police and continued to track the iPad. It ended up about a mile from where it was taken at an apartment complex at 7th and Vilet in Milwaukee. However, it listed no apartment number, so police turned to surveillance video."
"They did look at the surveillance video of everyone going into the apartment but they couldn't match my description to any person who had walked in."
The couple came to terms with the fact it'd be difficult for police to recover the gadget, but they did not want to let the bad guy off the hook. So using the same technology, they disabled the device. "We at least have the satisfaction that the thief would not be able to enjoy my iPad."
Fredericks says someone returned her purse with all of her belongings still inside the bag.