Nuisance Neighbor? House Visited by Police Nearly 40 Times


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West Milwaukee WI-

What do you do when one person becomes a problem for nearly an entire neighborhood, that's the complaint from neighbors living in a West Milwaukee neighborhood who claim they are being terrorized by a woman who is renting a house, and police refuse to do anything about it.

Neighbors say it is one woman, one house and lots of problems.

"The drugs, the prostitution."

"This woman in the middle of the street falling out and just spewing obscenities and vulgarities at all hours of the night," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified out of fear.

She says she's frightened by the woman and the traffic that comes and goes out of a property at 49th Street in West Milwaukee.

The house she claims has been visited by police nearly 100 times in 2 years.

"We call police, they come, nothing happens."

And it's not just the activity going on inside the house, she says her neighbor also brings it into the street.

"We call it her voo doo priestess dance, she comes out into the street and moans and groans at all hours of the night, I was sitting on my porch last Easter and I hear I'm gonna cut you you motherf***** I'm gonna cut you, no I'm gonna cut you, Happy Easter!" 

West Milwaukee Police Chief Dennis Nasci admits its a problem, police have gone to the house 38 times, but he says they're powerless to kick the woman out.

"We don't want to keep going back and dealing with the same person over and over again," said Nasci.

CBS 58's Rielle Creighton spoke to the woman who neighbors accuse of being the nuisance.

"Why have police been to the house so many times?" asked Creighton.

"First of all when I moved here it was a drug house,  I didn't know it," she responded.

The woman denied being involved in prostitution and selling drugs but admitted to a substance abuse problem.

Nine people in the neighborhood went to the Village Board of Trustees to complain about the house and beg police to step in.

The Police Department sent a letter to the property owner saying that his "nuisance Properties," could be subject to fines for each police call. 

Neighbors say they've seen no changes.





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