DNA Test Results Back in Priest Murder

Father Alfred Kunz was found with his throat slit


by Michele McCormack

DANE COUNTY -- It's been awhile since his name has been mentioned on the local news; Father Alfred Kunz. And that's probably what his killer has always counted on.

15 years since the Roman Catholic Priest was found in the hallway of his tiny parish's school with a gaping throat wound, and no arrests to report.

There was a glimmer of hope last year when local Madison based television stations, WISC among them, reported that items from Kunz's murder scene were being submitted for touch DNA, something that wasn't available back then.

On Friday the Dane County Sheriff's Office gave this response to CBS 58 News inquiries:

"I can confirm that they are multiple motives being explored and the case is still active.  The recent DNA tests did not produce any additional information."

Past investigators have gone on record to say they had a suspect and were keeping an eye on the person who was out of the jurisdiction. It was just a matter of waiting for the evidence to come in to move for the arrest.

One time lead investigator Mary Butler indicated they're casting a much wider net, telling reporters: "People were calling about burglaries, about cults about relationships he may have had. When I look at this I'm just thinking of many things that could have caused his death."

Conspiracies and theories abound about Kunz as documented for years by Matt C. Abbott.


Former parishioners have even posted a wedding homily given by Kunz on YouTube as tribute.

In the midst of this Lenten season the faithful may be forced to once again "lift it up" because March 4th is quickly approaching shrouded in mystery...still.



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