New information released in Delafield fire death


by Dustin Vrab

The name of a prominent local figure has come up in the investigation of a woman's death.

Sarah Brucker died in a burning home in Delafield earlier this month.

From the very start, investigators have been suspicious about whether it was really the fire that killed the former salon owner.

CBS 58 has learned that Brucker's estranged husband, Giuseppe Safina, is the target of a warrant in the investigation.  He's a memeber Milwaukee's famous Safina restaurant family.

In this warrant, detectives from the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department are requesting all phone and text records from a cell phone belonging to Safina.

Authorities say Safina and Brucker were in the process of going through a divorce and that Brucker had recently moved in with a new boyfriend.

Safina has not been named as a suspect and earlier reports indicate he was with the couple's two children at the time of the fire.

The Safina family was unavailable for comment.



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