New Marquette Law School poll shows Baldwin and Obama gaining in WI


by WDJT Assignment Desk

MILWAUKEE—The new Marquette Law School poll shows a dramatic shift in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate Race and the presidential race.

The snapshot of the race of the from the Marquette Law School poll shows an 18 point swing from a poll taken last month when Former Governor Tommy Thompson held a 50 to 41 percent lead over Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.

Now the lead is reversed.

It is Baldwin out in front by a 50 to 41 percent margin among likely voters surveyed between September 13th and 16th.

Much of Baldwin’s gains came from independents.

In August independent preferred Thompson 47 to 37. They now favor Baldwin by 50 to 38 percent.

However, there was a word of caution from the director of the poll.

There were two percent more Democrats and 3 percent fewer Republicans surveyed this time around.

The Thompson campaign called it “a flawed poll that clearly over-samples Democrats and gives them a partisan advantage.”

Baldwin’s campaign said that, “This is the 4th poll released showing they are moving in the right direction as the choice for Wisconsin voters.”

That same Marquette Law School poll shows Barack Obama widening his lead in Wisconsin.

According to the poll the president has opened up a 14 point lead among likely voters, which is up from just 3 points a month ago.

President Barack Obama leads former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, 54 percent to 40 percent.

That's a huge swing in a relatively short amount of time.

But Director Charles Franklin said many National Polls also show a significant post-convention bounce in favor of the Democrats.

He said much of the movement came from independent voters.


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