New Dash Cam Video of Officer Advancing on Temple Shooter

Officers Give First Television Interview


by Michele McCormack

OAK CREEK-The police officers who brought down the Sikh Temple Shooter gave their first television interview to a national audience Tuesday night.

On the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, Officer Sam Lenda told reporter Elaine Quijano that "I confronted evil in the parkling lot and evil was not going to leave that parking lot."

Then later on CBS 58's Ten at 10, unseen portions of the interview were shown in full giving new insight to the test of wills that day.

While portions of dash cam video from the officers had been released shortly after the August 5th shooting, for the first time Tuesday, viewers saw Lenda advancing on the gunman.

Lenda's body shot brought the shooter down, but then Wade Michael Page committed suicide with a single shot to the head.

Lt. Brian Murphy who took 12 gunshots that day is seen visiting at the Oak Creek Police Department but says his return is uncertain.

He has several more surgeries ahead.

He is clear that engaging the threat that day was the right thing to do and may in fact have saved him.

"The will to keep on fighting," Murphy explained, "I didn't even want to entertain that thought that I'm gonna die here. Because that puts you in a bad mind set."

"I think Mr. Page failed at his mission," Officer Lenda went on, "Because his actions brought a community together. It brought light to a community. It worked opposite of what he thought or what I speculate his plan was."


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