Neighborhood scared following Northside shooting at Park


by Rielle Creighton

MILWAUKEE WI- People living near Atkinson Park at N 9th and W Nash are hoping to return their neighborhood playground back to the children.

Saturday just after 7 p.m witnesses say someone fired nearly 40 rounds into the crowded park injuring four and killing 22 year old Alexander Cross.

Many saw Cross, who was playing basketball at the time, die on the court.

Monday, the normally crowded park was empty with one exception, a makeshift memorial sitting under the basketball hoop.

"We used to play out here every day until they started killing people," said 11 year old Mya Preston. She and her six year old brother were told by their parents to stay away from the Park after Saturday's shooting.

Alisha Cason's ten year old daughter was at the park just before the shots started, she called her home across the street to finish her school work.

"It wasn't two whole minutes before she got back in the house, she hadn't even done the first problems on her homework and they started shooting," said Cason.

Sunday the community held a vigil for the victims, today Milwaukee police were back on the scene interviewing witnesses.

But even with more police many fear it's a place they can't go back to.

"It ain't safe no more," said Richard Shaw.

Cason, standing nearby, added, "It was packed there was like 50 people in the park at the time, children, boys playing and they started shooting and they didn't have no discretion for no one's life, I don't care what time it is my daughter can't go back."


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