Move-in day for some Marquette students


by Stephanie Brown

MILWAUKEE -- It's an emotional experience for parents and a pretty exciting one for most students at move-in day for Marquette students.

A record number of freshman, more than 2,000 getting settled into their new homes, even if it's no bigger than some people's closets.

Out of the comfort of home and into the dorms, freshmen Steve Walczak and Tom Desmond will call a two bunk room, stocked with a fan, microwave and a mini fridge home for the next year.

"Your first reaction is it's just so small but then you move everything around and I guess it's not that bad," said Desmond.

Two-thousand others just like Tom and Steve were anxiously downstairs unloading clothes, bedding TVs, storage bins and every other typical dorm room staple.

Marquette's new president Father Scott Pilarz welcomed the more than 2,000 students and their parents calling this a great day for Marquette.


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