Mothers of Williams, Simmons to file federal complaint


by Laura Matovina

MILWAUKEE -- A teen dead at the hands of his neighbor, another young man dead in the back of a Milwaukee Police squad car and both of their mothers say MPD didn't handle the cases in the right way.

The mothers of Darius Simmons, 13, and Derek Williams, 22, plan to file a formal complaint with the Federal Justice Department, Monday,

Simmons was shot by his elderly neighbor. The teenager's mother was held in a police squad car for questioning while her son was taken to the hospital and ultimately died of his wounds.

Williams is the robbery suspect who died in the back of a police squad car last summer. The medical examiner originally said he died of natural causes but reverse the ruling after a police video showed Williams repeatedly asking for help because he could not breath.

Simmons' mother believes officers should have allowed her to be with her son in his final moments. Police Chief Ed Flynn responded and said his officers were following procedure to make sure they obtained accurate information to make their case.

Williams' mother, along with members of the community, believe the officers involved in her son's case should step down.


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