Mother speaks out about her toddler's death


by Katie Hustad
by Laura Rodriguez

WEST ALLIS -- The mother of a toddler in West Allis who died suddenly is speaking out for the first time.

Crystal Franz, the mother of the victim stated "He was healthy then, the morning of, and now we [just don't know what happened]."

The little boy was found unresponsive on a Saturday afternoon on the couch by his bother who woke up the toddler's father. The father called Crystal Franz, who was at work. She rushed home in a panic and found people crowded around her house. 

According to the medical examiner's report, the baby's blood sugar was almost 4 times higher than the normal level for a 20 month old. The baby, James, had never been diagnosed with diabetes, which left Crystal Franz with many questions.

She admitted that James liked to try all types of food, including juice, chocolate and even diet soda. Franz, however, said that those foods were only given to him in small proportions and not frequently.

A local pediatrician who was not James' doctor said it was very possible that he could have had type 1 diabetes and just never been tested, because those tests are not part of regular checkups.

No matter what the cause of death is, the family is dealing with this painful loss.

"Picture someone taking your heart out of your chest and mangling it and putting it back and try to survive that. How can you?" said Franz.

If you would like to help the Franz family you can do so by going to any BMO Harris Bank and donating to the "Our Angel Memorial Fund for Baby James." 

Our Angel Memorial Fund for Baby James
BMO Harris Account #- 4813287913



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