Mother says daughter beaten, home vandalized


by WDJT Assignment Desk

MILWAUKEE--A local mother wants to warn other parents to be more aware of what their children are doing on social media.

She didn't want to be identified, but said last week a group of teen girls kicked in her front door, dragged her daughter out of the house and then vandalized her home near Hampton Avenue.

"I was shocked at the disrespectfulness because I came to them as a parent I tried to talk to the girl and before I could even get words out the girl told me, I will fight you," she said.

She said it began as an argument between her 14-year-old daughter and another girl on Facebook. She also said groups of young people use Facebook to schedule violent meet ups like the one at her home.

"I want them to be aware of what their kids are doing on Facebook and know that their kids are being very violent, disrespectful."

CBS 58 reached out to the Milwaukee Police Department to confirm the exact details but as of the publication of this story they had not responded.

The mother said she wants an arrest and compensation for the damage to her home.


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