Mother of kids killed in fire has history of child neglect


by Chris Patterson

WEST ALLIS -- A West Allis mother whose three children died in a fire remains in police custody, and court documents explain her past encounters with the bureau of child welfare.

24-year-old Angelica Belen was charged with six counts of child neglect months before her children died in a fire. She's accused of leaving her children at home, and leaving them in a car on another occasion.

The criminal complaint says on March 13th Belen's four-year-old twins got out of the car and started running around a parking lot. They kids narrowly missed being hit, and were corralled by a concerned citizen. This citizen also called police. The four-year-old boys were special needs children.

During the month before this, a social services worker discovered the three youngest children in the house alone. Belen admitted to being gone for an hour.

In the complaint, the children allegedly smelled like urine and feces.

The cause of the fire that killed three of Belen's children is still undetermined.


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