More shoveling injuries reported at emergency rooms


by Jennifer Tomazic

MILWAUKEE -- More people have been going to the Wheaton Franciscan St. Francis ER this year with shoveling injuries, officials say.

Doctors also say more people are being admitted to the hospital, following their time in the ER, because of their injuries.

The most common complaints are for broken bones from falling, head injuries, heart attacks, and strokes.

Doctors suggest putting a little WD-40 on your shovel to make the heavy snow slide right off and know your limits.

"When you start feeling weak, dizzy, sweaty, any type of chest pain, shortness of breath, you should probably stop," said Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare ER Dr. Christopher Asandra. "When you do shovel your driveway, do it in shifts. Don't try to plow the whole thing all at once, if you can."

Slipping on black ice underneath the snow can be a big problem so Dr. Asandra says don't use your hands to break the fall, use your bottom because there's more cushioning.



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