More Farmers' Markets Accepting FoodShare


by Elizabeth Fay

BROOKFIELD -- For the first time, shoppers are allowed to use FoodShare benefits to buy fresh food at the Brookfield Farmers Market.

"I think it's absolutely amazing. It gives families an opportunity to not have such a restrictive diet and opens up to a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle," says a customer who used her FoodShare benefits and asked not to be identified.

FoodShare Wisconsin is the state program created to help people with limited money buy nutritious food. This season, the Brookfield Farmers' Market started letting shoppers exchange their FoodShare benefits for tokens that can use to shop at the market.

"There are people that are out of work  and do have needs in Brookfield. It is definitely serving the community," says Bobbi Harvey, Brookfield Farmers' Market Manager,

"It's actually a blessing because there are so many more natural homegrown things that we can't find in grocery stores or they are more expensive," the unidentified shopper told CBS 58.

The West Allis Farmers Market is also becoming FoodShare friendly, according to  Sherrie Tussler, Hunger Task Force Executive Director. She says there's a growing need for affordable healthy food in West Allis.

" We are more concerned about poverty in West Allis. As poverty increases the need for affordable and fresh produce in those neighborhoods is more and more important," says Tussler.

She says most farmers markets in Milwaukee already accept FoodShare and with Brookfield and West Allis joining the effort, more people have access to healthy food.


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