More Child Victims in Racine Sex Assault Probe


by Michele McCormack

RACINE---Police announced that new victims and new charges have been filed against Alexander Richter.

The 28-year-old Gateway Area Technical College student was working as a babysitter when many of the lude acts were performed. He was charged Friday with molesting a 5 and 7 year old brother and sister and videotaping the sex acts.

On Thursday, CBS 58 News learned that four other victims have been identified. Their ages are 5, 7, 8 and 12.

Several parents have come forward since the news broke of Richter's arrest, but investigators say based on their review of dvd's seized from his apartment, there are several other young victims who remain unidentified.

As of Thursday, 23 new counts were filed. That's in addition to the 26 earlier charges.

That's a total of 49 charges with the potential penalty of 900 years in jail.

The Racine Police chief says they are concerned that there are other victims from other areas.

They continue to trace Richter's past movements and are checking with other police departments.

Anyone who has past contact with Alexander Richter is asked to call
(262) 886-2300.


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