More Bus Violence


MILWAUKEE -- The very public back and forth between Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Sheriff David Clarke appears to be getting personal.
"That's all we get from the county executive chris abele ah the sheriff's got all the resources he needs anmd that's how he sounds no i don't," said Sheriff David Clarke.
The sheriff now publically mocking the county exectuive's tone of voice as he rails about recent budget cuts, and their effect on his ability to safeguard the county buses. To support that argument, today Clarke released new video of two recent incidents. One involving a massive fight on the number 23 bus outside vincent high school and another fight involving 3 people on the number 30 bus this past Monday. Clark says he could make the buses safer if his funding was restored, but abele says the sheriff is overstating the problem.
“I think he's misrepresenting the facts. if the sheriff has given you the impression that transit is less safe now than it was a year ago or the year before that than he's giving the wrong impression," said Chris Ablele.
Ablele says bus rleated crime is down 17% since 2006.


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