Mom sentenced to work release after stealing over $9,000 from boy scouts


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- 48-year-old Kathleen Potega was given nine months work release after admitting to stealing over $9,000 from a local boy scout troop. The judge stayed a prison sentence, if she stays clear of the law over the next three years.

She must report  the work release facility in Franklin on Monday. She must stay sober to keep the work release.

According to the criminal complaint, Potega attempted to report fraudulent activity on one Boy Scout account to a PNC bank manager. The bank manager told police,  Potega was "all over the place" and "wishy washy" when discussing the unauthorized transactions. Potega was told to go home, and get a list of the unauthorized transactions.

Potega returned to the bank the next day with a detailed list of 21 transactions she said was unauthorized. The bank gave the Boy Scout account a credit while they investigated the fraud.

An investigation proved Potega did make the transactions she previously reported as fraudulent. After a police detective revealed there was surveillance video of Potega making the transactions, she admitted to stealing the money.

Investigators say Potega made purchases at places like Wal-mart, Buffalo Wild Wings, Milaeger's, and gas stations. She also allegedly made several ATM withdrawls in Milwaukee County. The criminal complaint says Potega embezzled a total of $9,330.42 from both Boy Scout accounts she had access to. Investigators say that total does not include overdraft and other bank fees.

Potega initially faced up to 12 years in prison for this theft.


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