Stolen dog from Miami found in Milwaukee


by Vanessa Murphy

MILWAUKEE --- It's been quite the journey for Luna, a five year old English Bulldog. She was reported missing in Miami more than four years ago, and was found as a stray in Milwaukee earlier this month.

"It's baffling how she ended up in Wisconsin from Florida," Chrystal
Reese told CBS 58. Reese and her husband, David, are providing foster care for Luna in their West Allis home.

Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, or MADACC, discovered that Luna's owner, Isa Mendoza, was in Miami through a microchip. Now, Luna is expected to be transported Sunday to Miami to be reunited with Mendoza.

"To know she's alive and is on her way over to me is heartwarming," Mendoza told CBS 58. "I'm overjoyed."

Mendoza said on New Year's Day in 2008, she left Luna in her fenced in front yard for a minute while she ran inside her home. When she came out, Luna was gone.

"I was devastated. It was a horrible scene to have to know that your baby was taken away from you just like that," Mendoza said.

It is not known where Luna has been for the past four years, or who stole her.

"Unfortunateily, she probably was bred at one point or another," Jessica Huber, the Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator at MADACC said.

Luna has a Caesarian scar, so she has had puppies at least once. Mendoza said she purchased Luna at a pet shop for $850, so if Luna was used for breeding, she may have been a money maker.

MADACC is urging pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered, and to also get a microchip. Both services are provided at a discount at the shelter.


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