Five charged in relation to Milwaukee rapper's murder


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Homicide charges are filed against Billy Griffin, Ashanti Mcalister, Victor Stewart, Ron Allen and Devin Seaberry in the murder case of transgender Milwaukee rapper Ebony Young.

According to the criminal complaint, Griffin and Young lived together, and the two had an argument that night. The argument was interrupted by the arrival of Stewart, Griffin's cousin, and a few other males who are allegedly part of the Black P-Stone gang.

The criminal complaint goes on to say that Stewart believed Young assisted in the burglary of the residence she and Griffin shared. The complaint alleges all men in the apartment, Griffin included, began to beat Young in the kitchen. They allegedly got Young to confess to playing a part in the burglary of her and Griffin's residence.

Stewart told police the group moved Young to the basement before killing her. We're told the gang members used bleach in an attempt to get of DNA evidence in the basement.

The criminal complaint reveals Ebony Young was known as Evon Young to all the men charged. They allege they had no knowledge the person they knew as Evon was born a female. It does not appear that Young's sexuality played any part in the homicide.

In our previous coverage we referred to Ebony as Evon, and did not reveal Evon was born female at the family's request.

Read the criminal complaint against Allen and Seaberry (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Read the criminal complaint against Griffin, Mcalister and Stewart (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)



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