Milwaukee police officer cleared of misconduct by internal investigation


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- An investigation by internal affairs has cleared Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Knight of any criminal misconduct. Officer Knight was accused of taking money from a man at an ATM while on duty.

A citizen reported seeing a money transaction at an ATM between a uniformed police officer and another man. The man reported this incident to the FBI and one Milwaukee television station. He said he didn't trust the Milwaukee Police Department to investigate this incident.

The officer the citizen saw was Officer Knight, who happened to be handling a dispute between a cab driver named Raheel Ahmed and Alexander Kehoe on February 16th.

According to internal investigation documents, Kehoe smashed the taxi's window near N. Water St. and E. Juneau Ave. around 2:30 a.m. Police say Ahmed wouldn't press charges if Kehoe paid him $300 cash. Officer Knight took Kehoe to a nearby ATM to get the money.

Investigators confirmed that Officer Knight drove back to N. Water and E. Juneau Ave. where Ahmed  was paid for his smashed window.

The police department concluded Officer Knight's actions were "lawful".


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