Milwaukee police arrest suspected bank robber standing outside downtown bank


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- With weapons drawn two Milwaukee police officers were able to take down a bank robbery suspect near Water St. and Mason St.

Officers Tabaska and Cameron say while patrolling Water St., they noticed a man acting suspiciously outside a downtown bank. That man was Rodney O'Neal, a man wanted in connection with two bank robberies earlier this month.

Officer Cameron says, "He was wearing the same hat and same jacket similar to the items he was wearing the day of the robbery. So just kind of popped out and once we got a look at his face we were pretty sure it was him."

Although the officers say O'Neal implied he had weapons during the roberies, he didn't have one when they arrested him.

While being booked one of the officers says O'Neal told them they stopped him from doing something really stupid.


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