Milwaukee musician reflects on legend Richie Havens

Paul Cebar opened for Havens at Shank Hall


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-Musician Paul Cebar felt the loss personally of legendary guitarist Richie Havens personally.

He opened for the Woodstock legend at Havens last performance at Shank Hall in 2008.

"When you look back now, do you feel grateful humbled to have opened for him?" Asked CBS 58 Anchor Michele McCormack.

"Grateful," Cebar replied, "He really was welcoming.I didn't feel any kind of like I didn't fit or it didn't make sense. Ya know he was a very warm welcoming guy. And very humble in his own way I think. Ya know, for the power of his music."

Havens became legend with his opening performance for the legendary concert Woodstock. His cover of the Beatles song "Here Comes' the Sun" would also bring him great success.

On Monday his publicist confirmed his death at 72 of a sudden heart attack.

The same publicist also asked for privacy.


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