Milwaukee man accused of murdering wife says she gave him AIDS


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Keith Brooks is accused of killing his wife Anite Brooks, after she allegedly gave him AIDS. Brooks tells police his wife was unfaithful, and passed the deadly virus to him. He also tells police she killed herself, but the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office disagrees.

In the criminal complaint, Brooks tells police he and his wife moved to Milwaukee in 2012 after his tour of duty in the military. He also told police that his wife told him she had been having sexual relations with another man. He even alleged that his wife had been having sexual relations with women from her college sorority.

Brooks told police his wife tried to stop him from leaving, and he slapped her. Brooks said his wife got her gun, pointed it at herself, and shot herself in the head. Brooks told police he sprinted towards his wife, but couldn't stop her from shooting herself.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office performed an autopsy on Anita Brooks, and says she did not die as a result of a suicide. The Medical Examiner's Office says, "This was a homicide based upon the location of the wound..."

Brooks is charged with first degree homicide and faces life in prison.


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