Milwaukee earns "Playful City" designation


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE---Milwaukee has now earned distinction for its efforts to provide children plenty of places to play.

On Monday a new sign was placed at the city limits declaring Milwaukee a "Playful City."

Playful City USA is a nationwide program run by the non-profit group Kaboom.

Its goal is to bring recognition to communities that provide play spaces within walking distance for all children.

There was even more excitement when Alderman Murphy and Mayor Barrett announced the formation of a $100,000 fund to be used as a matching grant so various groups can expand play and recreational areas for children.

"I'm pleased to announce US Bank and Marquette University High School has already matched $40,000 of that grant," Murphy announced. "We're hopeful to reach another $60,000 through other organizations throughout the city to expand for opportunities for children in our community."

Mayor Barrett said studies show when children have ready access to structured play areas where they can let loose and have fun, they do much better when they have to buckle down in class and hit the books.


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