Milwaukee Police Sergeant accused of stalking, sexual violence out on bail


by Lane Kimble

MILWAUKEE -- Police officers are ordered to protect and keep you safe.  But Milwaukee Police Sergeant Alex Lopez is accused of threatening and stalking an ex girlfriend, texting her hundreds of times and even getting sexually violent with her.

He faces up to three years, six months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The criminal complaint says Lopez and an unidentified woman started dating off and on early this year.  She ended it for good in June when lopez got too controlling and sexually violent.  She ignored his texts, calls and facebook messages after that violence.
Then, on June 18th, the complaint says Lopez texted the woman dozens of times, saying he was coming over to her home.  Lopez wrote:

"I'm leaving the house in 10 mins for ur place.. so i suggest u text me back...Im getting really pissed at ur [expletive]".

The girlfriend's mother told police Lopez stalked her outside the house for 3.5 hours that night.  The woman claims after Lopez left, he texted her the same message,"call me please, 44 times in five hours.

From June 19 through August 5th, Lopez texted her 367 more times threatening to:

 "Come to [your job] Next ...Talk to me" and saying... "I wish u would have died for all the lied [sic] and bs u put me thru."

Another text pushed her fear to a new level.  Lopez wrote:  "I can treat u like ur pimp or dealer if u want...;-) Do the rape thing you like so much."

Monday, the court released Lopez on a $2500 signature bond, but forced him to wear a GPS monitor and stay away from his ex and her coworkers.

"No contact means no contact by you or anyone acting on your behalf," court commissioner David Sweet said.  "It means no contact in person, by phone, by mail, by electronic device, any way you could possibly think of contacting either of them."

Lopez is due back in court August 27th.  He is currently on suspension from the MPD, but is allowed to participate in required work meetings.


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