Milwaukee Police Tase Teen Over Weekend

Officers Arrest 3 In Weekend Bust


by Rielle Creighton

(MILWAUKEE, WI) It was one of those situations law enforcement say that could have gone either way.

Milwaukee police officers Rachel Golbeck and Jose Viera came face to face with an armed 15 year old suspect.

"Nothing is routine, any traffic stop can turn into something much different," said Viera.

It was something different for sure when Viera and Goldbeck encountered a gun toting teen on Saturday in a neighborhood they say is known for drug activity.

"He turned towards his left and in his left hand I saw he had a firearm in his hand."

Viera chased after the teen who took off running, but it would be a short pursuit.

The 15 year old was packing a .45 caliber gun, and when Viera locked eyes with the weapon he says he reacted.

"I had just a split second to think about it so I tased him."

"Officer Viera showed incredible restraint,,' said his partner, Goldbeck.

" You would be justified in shooting someone who's looking at you with a gun in their hand"

The teen was taken in, but in what turned out to be a hot spot, near 22nd and Burleigh. Just a day before and a block down Viera and Goldbeck rolled up on a man with marijuana in one pocket and a gun in the other, he was also arrested without incident.


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