Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn responds to Sheriff Clarke radio message


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- For the first time Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is speaking out about a controversial radio ad made by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Sheriff Clarke's radio message told citizens "Calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option", and told them to consider taking a firearms safety course.

When asked about the sheriff's radio message, Chief Flynn said, "The last thing I want to do is be on the long list of poeple the sheriff is having a fued with okay? I just want to make the point that he could have advocated, successfully advocated, for gun owner's rights without undermining the confidence of the citizens of Milwaukee County in their local law enforcement agencies."

Chief Flynn believes police departments serving Milwaukee County communities are solid and are doing a good job.  He says, "We resond to several hundred thousand 911 calls a year, and I will never assert that we get to all as quickly as we would ideally like to."

The chief continues saying, "There are going to be some break downs, and we work constantly to fix them. But we do get there, and we do and we have seen some improvement in our responde times over the years and that's our job."

According to Chief Flynn, the Milwaukee Police Department makes about 10,000 arrests a year and takes two thousand guns off the street.

Sheriff Clarke's office released a statement in response to Chief Flynn's comments today:

"Chief Flynn is doing what he can wiith the resources he has. The problem is the political class. Underfunding public safety is not a sign of political support for the officers on the street or the residents of Milwaukee County. I believe in giving the public unvarnished information so they can make choices based on a clear picture of what is happening. I will not bamboozle the public. Citizens are not stupid. If the political class doesn't like that then so be it."


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