Milwaukee Pastor in Hosptial after Hit and Run Crash Hurts 12 People


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee pastor remains in the hospital after a multi-vehicle car crash that involved 13 other members of his church, according to Michael Christian, a church administrators at Holy Temple Firstborn Missionary Baptist Church in Milwaukee.

Saturday night, State Police say the Milwaukee church van was involved in an accident on the outbound lanes of the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago. Four vehivles were involved and one driver left the scene.

Senior Pastor Lezar Burnside, who is still in the hosptial, was driving the van back to Milwaukee after attending his wife Pastor Tracie Burnside's father's funeral.

A dozen people were transported to the hospital, including the pastors' 17-month-old grandchild. Everyone besides Pastor Lezar Burnside has been released from the hospital and is expected to be ok, according to Christian.


"Everybody is alive. Some injuries here and there but everyone is alive," said Christian.



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