Milwaukee Mayor talks Paul Ryan at DNC


by WDJT Editor

CHARLOTTE, NC- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett didn't hold back when asked about Paul Ryan's recent comments on the closed GM Plant in his hometown ofJanesville.

Ryan recently said during his RNC speech that the now defunct plant got where it is now under President Obama's watch.

Barrett took exception to such an idea.

"That was a tragedy for that community," Barrett said. "For him to take that in such a misleading fashion and try and pin it on President Obama, that's not the Paul Ryan I know."

Vice President Joe Biden also took Ryan to task on the comments over the weekend.

Tuesday Morning, on the CBS Morning News, Ryan explained his comments.

"General Motors isn't alive where I come from in Janesville. And the point I was making about GM is that the president said that he'd lead an effort to retool the GM plant, get people back to work.," Ryan explained. "That didn't happen. So, the president made lots of different promises in lots of different communities when he ran for president in 2008. Those promises haven't materialized."


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