Milwaukee Mayor Barrett talks gun control


by Keith Meka

MILWAUKEE -- Gun control has been on the forefront of politics since the mass shooting in Newtown, CT that killed 20 children. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will co-host the regional gun summit in Minnesota where political leaders and crime experts will work to come up with ideas on how to reduce gun violence.

Ben Giese from Shooters Shop in West Allis doesn't believe new gun laws are the answer to America's gun violence problem. He says, "A criminal doesn't care about them that's why they're criminal so the gun control really isn't gonna work."

Mayor Barrett says he wants to see everyone undergo a background check that has up to date mental health records for anyone who wants to purchase a weapon. He wants these checks on private gun sales, and sales at gun shows. "I don't underestimate the opposition that you will see to the changes that I think many Americans believe are common sense."

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm will join Mayor Barrett at the regional gun summit in Minneapolis.


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