Milwaukee Courthouse partially reopened


by Katie Hustad

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Courthouse has reopened the morning of July 15th.

There were a few problems since the doors opened, including a power glitch. Security lines were long, which was expected. Other problems include no working air conditioning in the building, only a few elevators are running, and running slower than normal, and much of the first through third floors remain closed.

Floors four through seven however are open, which is where most of the courtrooms are. Criminal, family and small claims court as well as jury trial's have been resumed.

Chief Judge Kremers says he is not sure when the courthouse will be fully operational. He says that will depend on what the faculty management and contract operators tell them about the building progress.

"It's just going to take some time for the staff, judges, and the lawyers to get through that bulge of cases that didn't get handled last week and moved to this week," Kremers says, "Judges are just going to have to get through that and if e have to consider other resources we'll do that."


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