Milwaukee Bucks help Wisconsin fan meet LeBron James

Madison area teen fighting cancer


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-He may not be from the home team, but the Milwaukee Bucks helped arrange a meeting between Heat star Lebron James and a Madison fan who is battling cancer.

16 year old Ebony Nettles Bey is a basketball player and it had always been her dream to meet James.

She's determined not to let cancer sideline her for long and Twitter exploded with people who learned about her story and urged James to meet the girl.

With the help from the Bucks the meeting happened in Milwaukee this past weekend.

"I think that was the best part, they didn't act like stars and stuff," Ebony shared after the meeting with James and teammates.  They just acted normal, like they knew me for more than the time that I was just here."

"The challenges that she goes through with the stage four cancer that she has," James said, "she's the stronger one out of us two."




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