Milwaukee Alderman proposes new rules for taxi companies


by Marshanna Hester

MILWAUKEE -- A proposal before a City of Milwaukee committee may change how taxi companies and ride share program do business.

Alderman Bob Bauman, whose district cover's downtown, introduced a new proposal that eliminates Milwaukee's cap on taxi permits, sets minimum requirements to operate, and allow app based services like Uber and Lyft to legally operate in the city.

Lyft and Uber are opposed to Alderman Bauman's proposal, because it would require their drivers to pay hundreds in fees. The drivers would also have to go through city contractors for background checks, license and car inspections.

Company officials want to continue using their process with private vendors to approve drivers. They say that will help the city avoid a flood of new applications. 

Alderman Bauman says if companies don't want to go through his basic requirements, then they shouldn't do business in the City of Milwaukee.

Cab company owners are upset over the increased competition. Many drivers support the plan, because it gives them the freedom to start their own service.


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