Michael Bell's family gets support from Frank Serpico


by Matt Doyle

Kenosha -- The Bell family has struggled to get justice for Michael's death.  Now his father has turned to former New York City Police officer Frank Serpico for support.

"An officer screamed he has my gun," Michael Bell Sr. said.   "Another officer walked right up, took a gun, put it right to his [Michael's] temple and killed him on the spot."

Kenosha police shot and killed Bell in November 2004.

Since then, his family has tried to find justice...after investigations said the killing was justified.

His father refuses to give up in his quest for reform - he wants an independent review board for all police shootiings in the state.

"I've been doing this for 8.5 years. At some moments you cannot be by yourself."

In what started as just a local issue in the city of Kenosha, Bell now wants to take this to the state level and national.

"I actually reached out to Frank Serpico, and I said do you have any words of inspiration? Two days later I got a phone call and it was Mr. Frank Serpico," Bell Sr. said.

"I've been carrying a bullet in my head for over 41 years at the hands of a corrupt police system," Serpico said over the phone.

Former New York City Police officer Frank Serpico was shot during a drug raid in the early 70's.

He's famous for standing up to NYPD corruption.  He was also the subject of book and movie - where Al Pacino played him.

"We desperately need a change in our system of justice," Serpico said.  "That allows transparency, supervision, and control."

Serpico says he's standing by Bell's family to support them.  He doesn't think police investigating police works.

Bell agrees. Which is why he's pushing lawmakers in Madison.

"I'm asking all those to be involved in a critical incident review commission to review each and every police fatality in the state of Wisconsin."

Bell said Rep. Garey Bies is working on the legislation. We reached out to his office but did not hear back.


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