Mequon/Thiensville get ready for more flooding


by Matt Doyle

Mequon/Thiensville -- Residents in this area are used to it by now. 

"You have to deal with the consequences," Lifelong Mequon/Thiensville resident William John said.

John picked up sandbags Wednesday to prepare for possible floods.

"It's something you deal with. You live on water, close to water, you know it's going to happen.  You just hope for the best, that's all I can say.  That's what happens when you live in a flood plain, or close to a river."

Glaze is in the business district in Thiensville, Kristina Eckert said she's ready.  Her business sits between the Milwaukee River and Pigeon Creek.

"Every time it happens you're like 'here we go again'," Eckert said.   "You try to take your precautionary measures for it. But things shift and things can happen, you just never know."

Mequon resident Bob Zipter deals with the Milwaukee River every year.  He's lived along it for almost 50.

"We've been just hanging out," Zipter said.  "We try to make sure that any stuff that might get damaged, we try to put it in higher spots."


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