Milwaukee County help for those with health issues


by Tiffany Tarpley

WAUWATOSA--From difficulty dealing with life struggles to being medically diagnosed with mentally illness, many people are facing mental health issues.

"There are people who are diagnosed with mental illness who go into crisis from time to time," said Director of Crisis Services within the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, Amy Lorenz.  "But there's also many of us who have a crisis that occurs and just don't know how to cope and don't know what to do."

In some cases, being in crisis can lead to violent behavior but there are ways to get help before things get to that point.  Lorenz said it's important to remove the stigma from mental illness and that happens through communication.  "[It's important to] start talking about mental illness more and that it's not a taboo thing that you can't talk about."

There are services in Milwaukee County for people of all ages that are confidential.

24 hour Crisis Line and Mobile Team (414) 257-7222

Crisis Resource Center-South (414) 643-8778

Crisis Resource Center-North (414) 342-3237

Warmline, Inc (414) 777-4729

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