Low odds not stopping area hopefuls from playing Mega Millions


by Shakara Robinson

WEST ALLIS -- All it takes $1 to have a chance at winning $586 million.

Most people dream of paying off debt, buying new homes and cars, giving to their church or charity, or taking a nice, long vacation.

It all sounds appealing, but the odds of the six numbers per play on your ticket matching up with the six numbers drawn tonight are 1 in 259 million.

Experts say you have a better chance at being struck by lighting.

But that isn't stopping Milwaukee area players from pitching in $1 or more into the pool and taking their chance at scooping the second-largest jackpot in Mega Millions history, which could grow close to $1 billion if no one wins tonight.

Sandra Torres was live in West Allis this morning talking to local hopefuls itching to hit the big jackpot. 


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