Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marquette warns of multiple recent on-campus sexual assaults
by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- Marquette University students are on alert after multiple reports of sexual assault on campus.

"There's been an increase in reporting of sexual assaults on campus," Lynn O'Brien, from Marquette's Sexual Assault and Violence Protection Center, said. 

However university leaders think this is a good thing.

"While it's sad any time we hear students come forward and telling us that they've been sexually assaulted," O'Brien said.  "We also know that if our numbers are going up, it means we're doing our job."

O'Brien says more reporting means students feel comfortable and confident about coming forward.

"Students understand what assault is, they know what to do about it and they can trust us to report when it's happening."

Sophomore Colton Rujevcan agrees.  He remembers learning about sexual assault when he started at Marquette.
"I don't really like think about it but it made me realize if I ever saw something like that, I would instantly try to do those things now," Rujevcan said.

Those things include trying to stop suspicious behavior.

"If I saw something like that going on I would definitely try to do everything I could to stop it."

Freshman Marina Murphy knows the signs as well. 

"People are displaying aggressive behavior or putting too much pressure on somebody," Murphy said. "Trying to get somebody to do something they really don't consent to doing."

She's even re-evaluated people she hangs out with after learning about sexual assault.

"I would feel comfortable because if I was put in that situation I'd want somebody to do that for me. I'd have to be courageous, somebody does."