Marquette public safety officers injured by student on campus


by Tiffany Shepherd

MILWAUKEE—Two Marquette public safety officers are injured while intervening in a verbal altercation between students.

Early Sunday morning a Department of Public Safety officer at Marquette intervened in a verbal altercation between three students near 11th Street and Wisconsin.

As the officer approached, one of the students began acting disorderly and became aggressive.

The student struck the officer and attempted to flee.

The students was quickly apprehended by public safety and taken into custody by the Milwaukee Police Department.

The officer was taken to a local hospital and treated and released for minor injuries.

A second officer who assisted was also taken to a local hospital and treated and released for minor injuries.

Marquette University said that “We take any allegation of student misconduct extremely seriously and expect our students to uphold Marquette’s values by maintaining our high standards of conduct. Any student involved in misconduct undergoes a student conduct hearing. Details of specific incidents and violations in student conduct hearings are not made public because of their confidential nature.”



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