Marquette University student accused of punching safety officer


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- 20-year-old Charley Gargano is charged with substantial battery after allegedly punching a Marquette University Public Safety Officer while high on LSD. 

Gargano is listed as a member of the Marquette University Men's LaCrosse team on the university's website.

In an interview with police, Gargano said he attended a concert with friends. He allegedly confessed to taking LSD on four separate occasions. Gargano tells police he doesn't remember much after returning to his residence on the Marquette campus.

In the criminal complaint, Gargano's roommate Brendan Mahon says he saw his roommate outside about midnight near the intersection of N. 12th St. and Wells St. Mahon told police Gargano was only wearing shorts and socks.

Marquette Public Safety Office Valerie Gunderman saw Gargano arguing with another male on Wisconsin Ave. She says Gargano was acting strange and his speech was incoherent. Back up arrived shortly in the form of Public Safety Officer Annette Demeuse.

Both public safety officers ordered Gargano to the ground.The criminal complaint says Gargano initially complied with officers, but then jump to his feet and charged Officer Demeuse. Gargano allegedly punched her in the face twice before tying to escape Marquette Public Safety.

According to the criminal complaint, Gargano was eventually caught by public safety. The complaint says he was sedated, and taken into custody by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Demeuse suffered a broken left orbital bone, nasal fracture, and eight stitches above the left eye. If convicted, Gargano faces up to three year and a half years in jail.


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