Marquette Elite Eight Merchandise Now Available


by Becky Mortensen
by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE --- The Marquette Golden Eagles are moving on to the Elite Eight. After Thursday night's win the Marquette Spirit Shop loaded up on Elite Eight gear, now on sale.

The Spirit Shop would normally be closed on Good Friday, but after high demand for the merchandise the shop kept its doors open.

"As soon as it opened, we got here because we know these shirts are going to go pretty quickly," Marquette senior Jim Isaacs told CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay.

Marquette's Director of Merchandise Jim Greabert gave the go ahead to print the shirts as soon as the buzzer sounded Thursday night.

"We're able to call and say go ahead, instead of kill it off!" Greabert exclaimed.

The victory over the Hurricanes generated a lot of excitement for basketball fans on the Marquette campus.

"It was a great game, Marquette definitely showed up," Golden Eagles fan Megan Foley said.

School pride isn't the only thing the victory is bringing to the university. Marquette Communications Director Brian Dorrington explains the benefits of the merchandise sales.

"In 2003 when we made our magical Final Four run with Dwayne Wade, right after that we were able to raise $4 million and build our Al McGuire Center," Dorrington explained.

Marquette will face Syracuse at 3:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon right here on CBS 58. Back in the Spirit Shop Greabert will be keeping his fingers crossed he'll be able to give the go ahead to print shirts for the Final Four.


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