Man orders every sandwich at Wauwatosa McDonald's

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by Chris Patterson
by Michele McCormack

WAUWATOSA -- Nick Chipman from went to the McDonald's on N. 66th St. and North Ave. in Wauwatosa and ordered what he's calling the McEverything. Chipman ordered every sandwich on the McDonald's menu, including breakfast sandwiches.

According to Chipman's blog, he stacked 43 sandwiches at his table to create the McEverything. He said he was able to get every sandwich by showing up a half hour before the end of breakfast, just before the restaurant switched over to lunch. 

Chipman also posted his receipt on Twitter showing it costs exactly $140.33 to buy every sandwich McDonald's has to offer. 

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 Chipman tells CBS 58 he had the idea about two years ago. "I thought wouldn't it be funny to order everything they had and put it into one big sandwich?" Chipman said he didn't do it right away because he figured it would infuriate workers.

"Who wants to make 43 sandwiches? But finally I decided to do it and the rest is history."

Chipman is getting national attention but also some criticism. On Facebook he's being dubbed "McStupid" and "McMoron" promoting unhealthy eating and wasting food.

Chipman's response: "You gotta have better stuff to complain about than this."

Chipman has been eating his "McEverything" morning, noon and night for the past three days now. He plans to finish it. He insists the sandwiches do pretty good being reheated in the microwave.

So what's next on his plate? "Taco Bell" he told CBS 58 News.

Even though his favorite food really is pizza.


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