Man charged for sexually assaulting two women at knife point


by Becky Mortensen

GREENDALE --- A 37-year-old Milwaukee man has been charged with sexual assault after he drove two women around in a van forcing them to perform sexual acts on each other and himself.

According to the criminal complaint the two victims knew each other and the suspect.

According to the criminal complaint Willis Lucas was having drinks with one of the women when they got into an argument. He drove to the home of a second woman and forced the two of them to drive around in the van with him while he made threatening remarks to the both of them.

Lucas drove around for several hours and eventually pulled into a garage on the 5100 block of Center St. in Milwaukee. Willis pulled out a 12 inch knife and threatened the women.

Lucas forced the women to perform sexual acts on each other and on himself. He then dropped one of the women off to get money for him.

Police arrived a short time later, but Lucas refused to get out of the van. After a ten minute stand-off Lucas eventually got out of the van and was arrested.

He faces two charges of sexual assault as well as resisting an officer.


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