Man Behind Threatning Email to Sheriff Clarke is Behind Bars


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- The man behind a threatening email to Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke is behind bars. Mark Lovejoy, 63 was sentenced on Monday with Sheriff Clark in the courtroom..

"Mr. lovejoy communicated that he sees me as something less than human, making it easier to justify wishing someone would shoot me," said Sheriff Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke was allowed to comment at the sentencing. He read an email out loud in the courtroom which included threatening language and a racial slur.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department sent a copy of the email to the CBS 58 Newsroom. It reads: "You lousy Uncle Tom piece of s***. I wish to hell somebody would shoot you. And whats (sic) with that stupid hat? When people call you a dumb f****** n***** I don't disagree at all."

Lovejoy, a Milwaukee resident, sent it in March. According to prosecutors, he wrote the email because he disagreed with the sheriff's politics, including his stance on gun control.

Lovejoy apologized to the sheriff and says he never meant to hit send. "I was supposed to edit and take out those hateful hurtful words. To hear them read out loud today, I am so embarrassed and ashamed," said Lovejoy.

Lovejoy was convicted of threatening a police officer in 2008. The prosecuting and defense attorneys agreed on their recommendation to the judge which was to make Lovejoy pay a fine and do community service.

However, the Judge John Siefert went for a harsher ruling, saying he had to send a message to the public. Judge Siefert sentenced Lovejoy to 45 days in the house of corrections. He chose not to send Lovejoy to the jail because there would be a conflict of interest with Sheriff Clarke.



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