MPD responds to crisis with heroic actions


by Laura Rodriguez

MILWAUKEE-- Alberto Figueroa, a 20-year-old police aide, had just finished his shift at the Police District 7 Building on November 1. On his way home he made a left turn on Lloyd Street, and on that corner he saw a man attempting to commit suicide off of the Lloyd St. Bridge.

Figueroa says he then immediately got off his motorcycle and before approaching the man, he dialed 9-11 and kept dispatch on speaker.

The police aide says his second move was to talk to the man on a first name basis and make him feel comfortable, but when he noticed the man didn't budge, Figueroa grabbed the man's jacket through the fence to make sure he held him until the other officers arrived.

The rescue ended after Officer Hector Claudio jumped over the fence and in a joint effort with the fire department, the suicidal man was brought down to safety on a ladder.

Figueroa believes he was just at the right place at the right time. His co-workers now consider him a hero. Figueroa will be eligible to become an officer once he turns 21 in April, a dream he's had since he was a child.


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