MPD officer arrested for using excessive force


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Officer Rodney Lloyd is charged with misconduct in public office for allegedly using excessive force while controlling a prisoner at District 2.

According to the criminal complaint, Officer Lloyd was taking a citizen in for booking and processing. The citizen's arm was in a medical sling, due to an unrelated pre-existing condition. As Officer Lloyd sat down the citizen on a bench in the booking area, surveillance video shows him driving the citizen's head into a concrete block wall next to the bench.

Investigators say audio from the surveillance video clearly identifies the sound of the citizen's head hitting the wall. The citizen appeared dazed as he sat on the bench and asked Officer Lloyd what was wrong with him. 

Court documents say Lloyd responded by indicating the citizen previously said he could take Lloyd out. Other officers secured medical attention for the handcuffed citizen. Investigators say the citizen appeared to have an external injury to his head, and a small amount of blood was detected on the bench.

Officer Lloyd was arrested by internal affairs on October 3rd. He is currently suspended from the Milwaukee Police Department as a result of these charges. 

The Milwaukee Police Department  Officer Lloyd has been with the police department for 20 years.

If convicted of misconduct in public office, Lloyd faces up to three and a half years in prison and $10,000 in fines.


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