MPD inspector shares experience at Boston Marathon during bombing


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- For the first time we're hearing from Milwaukee Police Inspector Carianne Yerkes who was close to one of the explosions at the Boston Marathon. Yerkes and her husband Sergeant Rick Yerkes were almost finished with the race when runners ahead of them stopped running.

Inspector Yerkes tells us when the explosions began, runners started breaking down the barricades to get off the course. Her and her husband got off the course, and tried to get as far away from the explosion as they could.

Inspector Yerkes says she was worried about her friends who were supposed to be waiting for her and her husband at the finish line. She says, "Luckily they have it set up where you can check a persons progress along the way, and because we had slowed down you could tell we had slowed down."

She and her husband had a four hour finishing goal, but decided to slow down and really take it all in. They knew it would add another 20-30 minutes on their time, but those minutes were crucial in protecting their lives.

Inspector Yerkes says the bombings have forever changed the marathon, but hopes people won't be scared away from what she calls one of America's greatest symbols.


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