MPD Disputes Misconduct Claims


by WDJT Graphics

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police are addressing new claims of police brutality. Milwaukee Police says Jordan Cain,19 filed a complaint Tuesday with MPD regarding an incident he was involved in on January 26th at Kool Petroleum gas station on Milwaukee's North side.

The community organization Occupy the Hood Milwaukee sounded off with its side of the story on Facebook with a comment that read in part, "When Cain began to pump his gas, officers approached him and immediately without cause began to harrass him." It goes on to say that an officer rubbed Cain's faced back and forth against the ground and pepper sprayed him.

The allegations prompted Milwaukee Police to release surveillance video from the gas station and respond.

Inspector Edith Hudson says police confronted Cain because his license plate was suspended. Then they say he tried to ingest a plastic baggie they believe was filled with drugs. "Later through Mr. Cain's own disclosure, to one of our supervisors, it was learned that he actually ingested marijuana and cocaine," says Hudson.

She says cain resisted arrest and struggled with officers, that led police to use pepper spray and force. "Our investigation revealed that his injury probably occurred as his head was being held down and he was resisting."

She says the hospital has not released its results as to whether or not Cain actually ingested any narcotics.

Two investigations are underway into police officers treatment of Cain. One is routine anytime force is used. The other is in light of the complaint Cain filed with the department on Tuesday.

Cain's family was contacted for this story, but they have not responded with any comments.


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