Milwaukee Workers Demand Wage Increase


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- $7.25 an hour is an unreasonable wage for workers in Milwaukee, according to a group of people who gathered for a "Raise Up Milwaukee" event on Saturday. $7.25 is the State of Wisconsin's hourly minimum wage. Milk Wilder with the organization called Wisconsin Jobs Now says people are struggling to get by with those wages.

 "They are tired of having to live pay check to pay check, having to seek government assistance just to pay their bills," said Wilder.

A study from Center on Wisconsin Strategy found that 35% of Milwaukee workers have poverty wage jobs.  Some of those workers and their supporters are demanding higher wages. A few dozen of them gathered for the "Raise Up Milwaukee" event on the Northside of Milwaukee to petition the public. "Canvass door-to-door, block-by-block, neighborhood, by neighborhood, to tell their neighbors the importance of raising wages in Milwaukee," explained Wilders.

The group plans to generate support, then ask employers and elected leaders to make a change.

Opponents of minimum wage increases say it would force employers to hire fewer people, thus negatively impacting the unemployment rate.


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