Love Unleashed: Amazing Advancements


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Major medical breakthroughs happen everyday, and not just for us but for our pets too. Some of these advancements are right here in Southeast Wisconsin's own backyard.

We recently traveled to Madison to see how new modern technology is saving our furry friends.

We came across one dog named Rosie.  Her owner has come from Chicago to get specialized treatment at UW Veterinary Care on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.  Her 8 ½ year old daschund is suffering from thyroid cancer and is undergoing extensive radiation through TomoTherapy.  The university is one of two across the nation providing this advanced type of modern medicine. The prognosis appears promising for Rosie.

We also encountered some amazing rehabilitation procedures, including underwater treadmill therapy in addition to new innovative ways of dentistry. 

UW Veterinary Care has more specialty services and specialists than any other clinic in Wisconsin. Diverse specialty services include 24/7 Emergency Care, Anesthesiology, Wildlife and Zoo Animal Medicine, and Food Animal and Production Medicine Service. It services more than 20,000 animals every year in addition to training future veterinarians and specialists through an extensive curriculum, internship, and residency programs.

Go to for more information on the services provided. 

And again, treatment and rehabilitation can be rather costly.  But people have financial assistance available to them.  One of the choices is pet insurance.  VPI Pet Insurance is one of the largest carriers in the country.  Go to for more.  CareCredit is another option.  It works like a credit card with special interest rates.  The experts recommend talking to your vet to discuss the plan best for you.  But don’t wait too long since pre-existing conditions could affect your policy. 


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